About Us

As family physicians, we value the relationships we have with our patients, and we cherish the long-term nature of these connections. Today’s medical system and healthcare climate have made it more challenging than ever to develop a relationship with a doctor who will have the time that good care demands.

At UP Holistic Medicine, we strive to understand each patient’s life and health journey. The perspective we gain allows us to better provide personalized care. The ample time we take with each patient means all issues are addressed, all questions are asked and answered, and we end the visit feeling like we have connected. This is good medicine!

Who We Are

  • Dr. Scott Doughty, MD

    Dr. Scott Doughty is the start-up inspiration of UP Holistic Medicine. A Family Medicine specialist, Dr. Doughty first moved to Marquette in 1992 for training at the MGH/MSU affiliated Residency. Since then, he has spent 16 of his 26 years as an MD in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, most recently teaching, as a faculty member at the residency where he first trained here in Marquette. For ten years, he was fortunate to work with the Indian Health Service in Zuni, New Mexico. There, his patients were largely Zuni and Navajo, and for most of that time, he directed the hospital’s Diabetes Program. For his entire career, Dr. Doughty has prioritized connecting with his patients, and over the past 10 years, expanding his interest and skills in integrative and functional medicine. In that time, he has found more joy, excitement, and success in caring for patients than at any other time in his career. He serves as an Advisor to the Board of the International College of Integrative Medicine (ICIM). His wife, Amy, a Certified Nurse-Midwife, is currently working full-time as homeschool teacher with their daughters, Brooke, Maren, and Raina. Amy is studying herbal medicine for women’s health with Dr. Aviva Jill Romm, and will join the UPHM staff in the near future.

  • Elizabeth Brown, LPN, IV Certified

    Elizabeth graduated from Northern Michigan University in 2010 with her LPN. She had previously worked as a CNA, and in several nursing homes. She worked with Marquette General Family Medicine, and it was Dr. Doughty’s fortune when Elizabeth became his nurse in August 2013. She is excited to be helping with UP Holistic Medicine’s unique offering. Elizabeth and her husband Eric are happy to be raising their precious children, Benjamin and Isabella, in the beautiful UP. They enjoy family time and activities such as biking, hiking, walking, and playing outside!

  • Ashlee Rose

    Ashlee brings 15 years of customer service experience to UPHM. Born and raised in the Copper Country, she moved to Marquette in 2009 after earning a BFA in design at Finlandia University. After some time away pursuing graduate education and her art career, she returned to Marquette,  found her love of yoga and reiki healing, and became a certified yoga teacher. Ashlee enjoys the outdoors, photography, hiking, kayaking, and being with her dogs. She is very happy to be a part of  and growing with UP Holistic Medicine as the Manager of Operations, where she can function in perfect alignment with her lifestyle and feel like she really makes a difference.

  • Amanda Klumpp, RN BSN

    Amanda graduated from Grand Valley State University in 2002 with her RN BSN. She has worked in many areas of nursing during her 16 year career as an RN and has been a resident of the UP for the past 14 years. Amanda along with her husband Allen, who is a Doctor of Chiropractic, have two wonderful children Olivia and Patrick. Their children keep them very busy as they are both involved in the arts as well as sports which include hockey and figure skating. When Amanda and her family are not in an ice rink they enjoy camping, hiking, riding bikes, gardening, cooking and traveling. Amanda is honored and very excited to join UP Holistic Medicine where she can develop real healthcare relationships and focus on treating patients as a whole through their healthcare journey.

Practice Philosophy

Everyone wants to feel better. At UP Holistic Medicine, we combine the latest in medical science with what everyone understands as the “art of medicine.” We connect with our patients on their journey to optimal health, and a better life.

UP Holistic Medicine provides an approach to health and wellness long overdue in this area. We help you optimize your health and focus on disease prevention. Chronic disease seems, for many, to define the human experience. Inflammation is the underlying cause of so many conditions, from arthritis pain to high blood pressure, acid reflux, heart disease, high blood pressure, and more. Western medicine offers patients a drug for blood sugar lowering, one for cholesterol lowering, one (or more) for blood pressure lowering, and one for heartburn, and another for pain, without tying all of these conditions together and targeting the underlying cause(s). We know environmental toxins, stress, poor sleep, hormone imbalances, gut bacterial issues, and other factors can impact our health. These issues can be impossible to correct without addressing core elements of human function, namely nutrition, movement, avoidance of toxins, and mind/body/spirit/social connection within each of us, our families, and our community.