Bio-identical Hormones and Other Compounded Medications

June 13, 2017


My great-grandfather was a compounding pharmacist. While growing up, I heard stories from my grandmother about her father’s work, and I remember specifically hearing about his relationship with local doctors. They relied on a partnership with mutual respect to optimize the benefit to their patients’ health.

Last week, I had the honor to meet with Tyler Jenema, pharmacist and owner of Peninsula Pharmacy, along with two of his compounding pharmacists, Eric and Jaren. It was an exciting meeting as we sat outside at a picnic table by the medical center, sharing ideas and updating each other on what we’ve been working on.

Obviously, the medical/pharmaceutical industry has transformed the system my great-grandfather was part of, but our local Peninsula Pharmacy is helping preserve and advance some of the original elements of the past. As a member of Professional Compounding Centers of America (PCCA), they utilize modern technology and innovative techniques and research to customize medications for specific patient needs.

In my holistic medical practice, I have been relying on this pharmacy for patented meds, but more specifically for their compounded bio-identical hormone preparations. Not only do they make excellent products, but they’re very engaged with new ideas…always looking to improve the products and service to our patients. A variety of customized preparations of estradiol, estriol, progesterone and testosterone are my “go-to” compounded products.

More recently, I’ve started to have them compound other medications, such as low-dose naltrexone (LDN) for fibromyalgia/autoimmune/cancer patients, and topical ketoprofen and other pain relievers for RA/inflammation/plantar fasciitis/migraines/muscle, leg, foot cramps.

In the spirit of a shared interest in optimizing patients’ health, the pharmacists at Peninsula Pharmacy and I are relying on old and new ways of connecting and supporting each other’s work. I believe the spirits of my great-grandfather and grandmother had a hand in this when they shared their stories with me. Many patients in the region have benefited from this relationship, and they’re grateful to have access to this expertise “in their backyard.” 

For more information about bio-identical hormones, look for the writings of some of my teachers: Jonathan Wright, MD, Thierry Hertoghe, MD, Pamela Smith, MD, and David Brownstein, MD.

Be in touch with UP Holistic Medicine if you are interested in becoming a patient. For current patients, let’s keep compounded medications in mind as we work to optimize your health!