News April 2015

April 6, 2015

Welcome to the 1st edition of UP Holistic Medicine’s Monthly Newsletter! Our UPHM community has grown faster than we predicted, and it’s now time to introduce this new feature. With over 300 patients already signed up, our first six months have been busy, and very exciting!  In our newsletter, you can expect to hear from Jamie, Elizabeth, and me as we each offer information from a different angle. For my part this month, I want to reflect back to you what I’ve seen, heard and felt over our first six months together. Our patients (I’ll call them “you”) want something different, but rather basic. You want a partnership with me as your physician. You know that this model starts with the time we spend together, so your concerns are heard. For many, this is new territory! Your ideas about what triggers a symptom or condition help me understand what direction might make the most sense for us to explore first. You want to know WHY something is happening the way it is, and you want to address issues with natural and safe remedies first. You appreciate the research we’ve done in choosing products which meet our standards and represent professional grade supplements. You like how we stock some pharmaceuticals as well, saving you a trip (and some $) by not having to go to the pharmacy. You don’t mind (haha) getting a discount on Quest labs, paid for with cash/credit, if you have a high deductible, flexible spending, or some other insurance situation…these inexpensive labs are the best healthcare deal in town! You’ve gotten accustomed to emailing and texting me with your concerns and questions, and it always feels good to connect with you that way, especially when we realize the alternative, in other settings, would be to speak with an “on-call” doc who isn’t your doc, or go to the ER or walk-in clinic…or maybe you’d just wait until the problem went away, or got worse, or your doctor’s office reopened. Every time I connect with you outside of an office appointment, I’m reminded of why this “electronic” arrangement makes sense.
When I consider the average family doctor’s “caseload” is 2300 patients, I am grateful to be engaged with a fraction of that number. As I’ve told many of you, this allows me to put my energy into connecting with you, learning for your sake, and developing this model of care that we feel will continue to improve in areas which matter to you. Here’s to our healthy future together!
– Dr. Scott Doughty