IV Vitamin Therapy, a Key Element to Optimal Health!

September 25, 2017

We are thrilled to be the featured “Business of the Month” at River Valley Bank! It’s been an honor. THANKS to the fine people at RVB!! On the table this week, look for: *Health information, pertinent to the season. *Raffle drawing for $50 off your initial visit at UPHM! *Free stuff: pens, stickers, etc. For […]

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Bio-identical Hormones and Other Compounded Medications

June 13, 2017

My great-grandfather was a compounding pharmacist. While growing up, I heard stories from my grandmother about her father’s work, and I remember specifically hearing about his relationship with local doctors. They relied on a partnership with mutual respect to optimize the benefit to their patients’ health. Last week, I had the honor to meet with […]

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“Summer Is Almost Here” Sale!

June 8, 2017

We are thrilled to be offering a sale on Full-Access (FA) from now until July 3rd! For current FA patients, you can extend your “membership” a year beyond its current end date. ** For past FA and current Visit-Based patients, you can resume or establish a FA agreement. Some may ask, “What if I haven’t […]

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TACT2 Chelation Research Trial at U.P. Holistic Medicine

May 20, 2017

TACT2 Chelation Research Trial at U.P Holistic Medicine We are enrolling research subjects for the Trial to Assess Chelation Therapy 2 (TACT2)! Click the link below for a pdf file outlining some of the basics of TACT2. For more information, or to get on our schedule for screening to see if you are eligible, please […]

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Optimal Health Insider- Edition 8

March 8, 2017

    U.P. Holistic Medicine to Participate in National Institutes of Health TACT2 Research Trial Second study will focus on benefits of removing toxic metal pollutants in patients with diabetes and a prior heart attack FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE March 8, 2017 (Chocolay Township, MI): U.P. Holistic Medicine has been named a participating clinical site for […]

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Optimal Health Insider-Edition 7

January 2, 2017

Happy New Year 2017! Many have asked what I put in my breakfast smoothie, and while there are countless recipes out there, I’m going to share mine here. I tell people that I was the kid who ate an American cheese sandwich with yellow mustard, on white bread, every day for lunch at school, so […]

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Optimal Health Insider – Edition 6

November 30, 2016

Welcome to Optimal Health Insider – Edition 6 What a great opportunity we all have to slow down a little and prepare for darker and colder times ahead! It’s our nature to know what’s ahead, and to prepare. It’s also in our nature to value what we have, and what we’ve enjoyed. (How about that […]

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News April 2015

April 6, 2015

Welcome to the 1st edition of UP Holistic Medicine’s Monthly Newsletter! Our UPHM community has grown faster than we predicted, and it’s now time to introduce this new feature. With over 300 patients already signed up, our first six months have been busy, and very exciting!  In our newsletter, you can expect to hear from […]

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