Our patients have unique access to their doctor. Since we’re not “tied” to any insurance company or plan, we don’t have to see our patients in a certain way or location. We are not required to adhere to office visits in order to care for people and bill for services. This is, for people who remember, the way medicine used to be; doctors available, either in the office, or by phone…even with house calls. (At UP Holistic Medicine, we do those too!) ChARM, our online EHR, provides patients with a portal to view lab results, send/receive secure messages, and schedule appointments online. For those who prefer to call our office, we can also set up appointments the “old-school” way. We creatively utilize technology for any non-local communication you prefer (text, phone, email, FaceTime or Skype), but we promise to remain very much low-tech, when it comes to connecting in your in-office experience.

So, what does our care “look” like?

• Diagnosis and thorough treatment plan, after gathering extensive history and performing physical exam

• Laboratory testing with in-office blood collection, and take-home kits as needed

• Follow up care to review results, assess progress, and fine-tune treatment

• In-office procedures, such as Pap/pelvic/breast exam, minor skin lesion biopsy/removal, suturing, wart treatment, and skin tag removal.

• Coordination of care with medical specialists/hospitalists, as well as other practitioners in the community, such as physical therapists, acupuncturists, chiropractors, massage therapists, craniosacral therapists, psychologists, and others.

Next, our philosophy and approach that takes
standard health care to another level

We wake up each day excited to provide integrative and functional medical care to patients seeking more than what the typical physician offers. You wake up each day as a complex individual living a life that is unique to you. We honor each person’s path, and are trained to identify those key elements that impact health and risk of illness. This means our approach to understanding our patients and their issues goes deeper than typical Western medicine.

In addition, our toolkit for diagnosing and treating illnesses and conditions goes beyond standard blood/urine tests and pharmaceutical medications. We utilize standard lab tests, available at steep discounts in our office, but we also incorporate extensive thyroid/adrenal/hormone testing of blood, urine and saliva. We explore biomarkers and vitamin/mineral deficiencies, and target treatment to correct imbalances. For certain problems, we will utilize genetic testing, heavy metals testing, gut function and microbiome analysis, and immune function testing.

As for therapies, our treatments always include lifestyle modification and nutrition recommendations. We focus on balanced nutrition and metabolic function, healthy detoxification, and herbal medicine. Mind-body health is encouraged through exercise, stress reduction, mindfulness, meditation, yoga and other movement. Natural remedies, including herbs, supplements, and nutraceuticals, are regularly offered. IV nutrition therapies are scheduled in the office when appropriate. When there is a pharmaceutical medication that works better than a natural remedy, we will discuss and offer that option, and we’ll ultimately work within your comfort level to provide care that makes sense to you. It’s vital you understand what we discover and why we propose each treatment plan.

Access Plans

Joining our practice, patients have two options for care and payment. Each has distinct pricing and benefits, termed “Full Access” and “Visit-Based.”

Full Access

Full Access care involves membership at a level where Dr. Doughty is accessible to you, 24/7, for phone/text/email/Skype as well as office or home visits (within 15 miles of our office). This package will include 8 office visits per year, unlimited emails, and emergency texting. All details will be spelled out in the Full-Access Patient Agreement. This option is ideal for people who: see their doctor more than 2-3 times per year; prefer a more frequent or higher level of connection which the electronic means allow; desire the peace of mind knowing their doctor will have time for them whenever they are in need.



Paying for Full Access care (per year):

$2,500 per adult*

Or enroll as a family and save!

Family Savings Plan (per year):

First adult $2,500

Second adult $2,100

Children ages 0-10  $500

Children ages 11-17 $800



Visit-Based payment is more standard fee-for-service. Each visit to the doctor is an individual charge, based on the length of the appointment and complexity of the visit. Being more “a la carte” health care, this Visit-Based option can still include phone/text/email/Skype, as well as home visits, but these are all charged per encounter, based on time. Any after-hours emergencies for Visit-Based patients would need to be addressed by another urgent care clinic or ER in the community.

Paying for Visit-Based care
First visit: $375
Follow-up visit: $225
Acute care visit: $75

Please note, all patients enter our practice with a “First visit.” After that visit, appointments will be charged at the “Follow-up” rates, unless more than 18 months have passed, at which point a patient will enter again at “First visit” rates. “Acute care” examples include sore throat, ear pain, cough, etc., and these visits would not include attention to other chronic health concerns.

We recognize these choices in care plans may raise additional questions, so please know we will help people fully understand their options. To that end, we want people to read our FAQ’s, ask questions, attend our open forums, and feel good about the choice they are making. We will make time to meet with individuals, families, and employers to discuss this further. Just send us an email.


Email us for more details on how to get started.

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