“Summer Is Almost Here” Sale!

June 8, 2017


We are thrilled to be offering a sale on Full-Access (FA) from now until July 3rd!

For current FA patients, you can extend your “membership” a year beyond its current end date. **

For past FA and current Visit-Based patients, you can resume or establish a FA agreement.

Some may ask, “What if I haven’t been a patient and want to join FA?” If new patients register and pay during the sale period, they’ll avoid the price increase coming in July. Read on…

As of July 4th, the new cost will be $2100 for FA, and until July 3rd, we’re offering $300 off that price…$1800 for a year.

For the “2nd adult” in a family, the usual cost increases to $1700, and we’ve reduced that to $1500 for this sale.

Child prices are not changing, nor are they reduced for the sale.

Sale prices are in effect until July 3rd, and the new fees are effective July 5th…please don’t ask for the sale price beyond July 3rd!

Be in touch with Ashlee at 249-3600 with questions, and stop in to renew during our usual office hours.

As always, I appreciate the honor of partnering with you on your health journey!

Wishing you a healthy and happy summer!!

Scott Doughty, MD

**Some of you are currently in an “extension” year from last year’s sale. This allowed you to enjoy the unlimited access we were offering in 2014 and 2015. The current and future FA agreements allow for 8 visits, or 12 months, whichever is reached first. See agreement for details.