Better Together

Helping you experience the wellness you desire


Some day, these terms won’t exist. This will simply be what “good medicine” is. With functional medicine, we respect the time it takes to address the whole person and their underlying causes of disease. We integrate and expand our treatment toolkit, with a spectrum of options from pharmaceuticals to nutraceuticals, bio-identical hormones, botanical and nutritional medicine.

At UP Holistic Medicine, you will be part of an exciting model which combines state-of-the-art medical care with a direct doctor-patient relationship, free from the confusion of co-pays, deductibles, and insurance “management” of your care. You and your doctor decide what your care will include, and you know what your care will cost. Whether you choose Full Access or Visit-Based Care, your relationship with UP Holistic Medicine will be geared for maximum value and personal care, centered around you.

Meet the U.P. Holistic Medicine Team

  • Dr. Scott Doughty, MD

    Dr. Doughty is the start-up inspiration of UP Holistic Medicine.

  • Elizabeth Brown, LPN, IV Certified

    Elizabeth is familiar to many, having worked with Dr. Doughty over several years.

  • Ashlee Rose

    Ashlee is the Manager of Operations at UPHM.

  • Amanda Klumpp, RN BSN

    Amanda is an RN at UPHM.

We Focus On You

Our deep-dive intake process lets us get to know you and your health history in order to put together an understanding of what led you to this state of health, and what we can do together to improve or maintain your wellness and vitality.

We Focus on Time

You deserve to feel heard. Each of us has a unique story. We respect your issues and concerns. We gain the best understanding of each other with an initial hour-long visit. Lab testing is convenient, with in-office blood draws, and at-home collection kits for saliva, urine, and stool sampling. Follow-up visits are scheduled for 30 minutes to review results, check-in on initial progress, and fine-tune the treatment plan. We make time to understand one another.

We Focus on Options

You will be given many choices, and shared decision making is our specialty. You will have options for Access Plans, a unique feature of our practice. We utilize a broader array of diagnostic lab testing, including nutrient assessment, gut health, iodine deficiency, bromide/fluoride excess, heavy metals assessment, MTHFR testing, comprehensive blood/urine/salivary hormone testing, and others. Along with standard pharmaceuticals, therapy options are unique in this practice, and may include herbs, vitamins, minerals, bio-identical hormones, and IV nutrition therapy.